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» Working Out From Home: How to Safely Avoid Injury At Home
Working Out From Home: How to Safely Avoid Injury At Home

Working Out At Home: How to Safely Avoid Injury At Home

Research shows that working out not only adds longevity to your life, but joy as well. We all want those happy hormones and longer lifespan, but not all of us have access to a gym. Some are shy and don’t enjoy the gym environment. This is where working out from home comes in. What are some things to keep in mind when working out from home? This article will discuss some tips to keep in mind and ways to avoid any injuries. 

Why is it a Good Option

The gym is a great option for many people, but not for everyone. Sadly, many good intentions have gone into purchasing a gym membership, only to visit once or twice a month. If you are new to working out you may be intimidated by the busy gym environment and the seemingly already toned members. You may not feel inclined to get everything together once you get home only to leave again and head to the gym. If you fall into this category, then a home workout may be the thing for you.

Working out from home is convenient. You can do it on your own time, with no worries of when the gym opens or closes. You don’t have to spend money on a membership either. You have the freedom to do whatever kind of workouts you want to do and when you want to do them.

Tips to Keep in Mind

While there are many positives to working out at home, some of these can come back and bite you if you’re not careful. Consider these tips:

  • Stick to a Time

    • Yes, it’s very convenient, but working out at home can also be distracting. You may decide to get other things done instead of your workout, like laundry or the dishes. Make a schedule for the best days and times to work out and stick to the plan. Avoid making excuses, and just do it.
  • Variety is the spice of life

    • Working out from home could mean you’ve come up with your own routine, or it could mean you have videos and workout tutorials to follow. Whatever your preferred method, add variety to your routine. Otherwise, you might get bored, see poor results, and ultimately stop.
  • Learn Proper Form

    • Working out at home means you don’t have a coach or workout instructor giving you tips on how to improve your form. Grab your partner or a friend and have them watch your form compared to your video or tutorial of choice. There are so many instructional videos that focus on correct form and what you should be feeling, or not feeling, with certain moves. Take advantage of those to improve your form, and prevent injuries.
  • Set Realistic Goals

    • Realize that one month is not gonna give you that summer body you want, even if you work out every day. It takes time and effort, so being realistic with your expectations can keep you motivated to keep moving forward. Set small goals such as completing 3 workout sessions a week. Gradually build up intensity and time spent working out. You don’t want to injure yourself by over exerting your body, or burn out from exhaustion.
  • Make Space

    • This may be one of the most important tips to prevent injuries when working out at home. Most homes don’t have one room dedicated to working out. Usually furniture needs to be moved around to create enough space to perform a workout easily. Take your time moving furniture around. If it’s too heavy or awkward, be sure to get some help moving it. Making the effort to create a space large enough to work out will allow you to be more engaged in the workout instead of worrying about hitting the chair or wall with your foot.
  • Warm-Up and Cool Down

    • Take a few minutes to perform dynamic stretches before your workout. If you’re doing workouts online, you can find easy 5 minute workouts to warm up your muscles and get your circulation going. Post workout, take the time to do some light stretching, and make sure you stay hydrated.


A home workout can be just as effective as one performed at the gym. With proper form and an open uncluttered space, you can be well on your way to being fit and feeling fine. For any other tips concerning setting up a home gym or more tips to prevent injuries, contact us at Blue Hills Sports and Spine Rehabilitation.