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Our Approach

A modern, active approach with one goal:
To put pain behind you.

Image showing how Blue Hills Sports & Spine rehabilitation utilizes the most modern approach in physical therapy

Every day you live with pain is a day you’re not living life to the fullest. That’s why our physical therapy team at Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation in Boston, Braintree, Weymouth and Plymouth uses a modern, active approach to physical therapy that promotes faster healing with greater long-term success.  We believe that, if we do our job right, we’ll never have to treat you for the same back, shoulder, knee or other joint pain ever again.

Instead of chasing your symptoms, we focus on the cause of your acute or chronic pain—and helping you address this pain from the “ground  up.” We begin by conducting a thorough biomechanical evaluation that gives us the insight we need to devise an individualized course of treatment.

Your dedicated physical therapist will combine the latest in evidence-based physical therapy treatments with the best “tried and true” methods to help you achieve superior, lasting results. Every step of the way, we’ll provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to become your own physical therapist and remain pain-free, long after your program has ended.

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