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Welcome To D.O.M.S

Delayed onset muscle soreness (D.O.M.S) is one of the top reasons that people STOP a new exercise program. For patients in physical therapy, especially those that are not regular exercisers, it can be a scary outcome to the start of treatment. What happens and what causes it? Should you be concerned? This quick Q&A in the NYTimes Well blog does a nice job explaining some of the science behind it, but what you need to know is that it is very normal and it will go away. So if you are new to exercise and are getting soreness for a few days afterwards, don’t get discouraged and don’t stop doing that exercise in the future. Most likely you just over did it a little and getting back into the same exercises but with a reduced load or intensity will help you build up those muscles so you don’t have the same outcome in the future. We always warn our patients that it could happen (hoping it doesn’t)…but knowing about it helps stop the surprise of a few days of soreness for someone just getting started. Like the Marine Corp mantra states…”pain is just weakness leaving your body”…hoorah