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Wanna Know About The Accountable Care Act?

So, I am assuming you have had the chance to read the 2,409 pages of the Accountable Care Act and have a very firm understanding of all that the document contains….right?? If you are like me (and I am pretty sure you are), the thought of reading through 2,409 pages of legislation just isn’t in your top 10 list of things to do in the rare amounts of free time that you have while working, taking care of your kids, getting in a little exercise and trying to catch up on the 36+ shows you have DVR’d that you are actually never going to get to watch!

The Accountable Care Act is something that will most likely change the way health care is delivered…for many of us it already has…and the vast majority of us don’t understand much of it at all. It seems like every month there is something new being rolled out in the various phases of implementation, but do you really understand the grand plan? For a good, simple resource on what it all means, I recommend picking up the book “Health Care Reform”, written by Jonathan Gruber. What this book does is break down the basic principles of the Accountable Care Act in some very “user friendly” terms…something all of us can understand and with great little tidbits that we can share with friends, family etc when you are having health debates about the Accountable Care Act a.k.a Obamacare.

The author, Jonathan Gruber, is a Professor of Economics at M.I.T and the Director of The Health Care Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Pretty good credentials to start with, right?? In addition to that he was “a key architect” of the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Effort which many credit as being the basic blueprint for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. As a matter of fact, he even consulted with the Obama Administration and Congress during the development of the Affordable Care Act. So, if there is anyone that can write a “tell all” book about what the Accountable Care Act is trying to accomplish, then Jonathan Gruber is your guy.
The book is written from the perspective of four people, each with different insurance coverage and each about to have a heart attack. One person has great insurance, one person has Medicare, one has a high deductible plan and last no coverage at all. The book walks through how each of them are currently affected and then how they might be affected differently as the Accountable Care Act rolls out. It’s good to see some “real world” examples and how it would work.

What I really like about this book are two things: it is written in terms that people with the most basic understanding of health care can understand AND it is illustrated! So essentially it is an educational book written in comic book style…who wouldn’t want to read this, right??

This book is a very straight forward explanation of what the Accountable Care Act is setting out to do. The goal of the book is to cut through the political rhetoric that surrounds the Accountable Care Act and get down to the facts of what the true intentions are…health care for all and reduced costs in healthcare. So whether you are for or against healthcare reform, whether you are republican, democratic or a tea party backer, this book will give you some simple answers to a very simple question…What is the Accountable Care Act all about anyway??

Michael Vacon, PT is the managing partner of Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation, LLC, part of the Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network