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Ready For Intense Training?

The warm days of spring are just around the corner and people are starting to think about getting in shape…and as quickly as possible. The fitness trend that has the most steam right now is the various intense metabolic training methods out there: Insanity, Cross Fit, PX90, etc…
Although these programs clearly have their benefits (quick muscle gain, massive calorie burning), they also have their drawbacks (difficulty sustaining the intensity, risk of injury).
What we see as the “outcome” of these programs in our offices is that people are NOT ready for the intensity and injuring themselves and getting the exact opposite result from their workouts: the inability to exercise.
As I mentioned above, metabolic training has it’s merits and for the right people it is a great workout choice, but, you have to be ready. When we are young we crawl before cruise, cruise before we walk, walk before we run and skip before we jump. In many of these programs people are jumping before they crawl…and that is a recipe for disaster.
So, before you jump into that intense, quick, weight loss program remember to start slow. Begin a simple circuit strenght training program and a gradual intensity cardio program and then advance to more intense activities. Doing this will help you build the necessary strength as a base so that when you start the more intense activities you are ready.
You CAN build a house from the roof down, but it probably wont be a very good house…building one from the foundation up is really the way to go!
Get out there, exercise and be well :)

Michael Vacon, PT