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Exercise Is Essential!

In an “a-ha” moment this week, the Institue of Medicine published a report recommending that students should be getting at least 60 minutes of vigorous or moderate-intensity activity at school. It is sad to think that less than half of US kids are meeting this minimum guideline. It’s something that is so easy to encourage and instill in kids…if you have been around kids you know they WANT to exercise, they WANT to play and they have a hard time sitting still. As our society continues to be more “wired” into thier hand helds and less “tired” from exercise this trend is just going to continue to worsen. In many school systems phys ed classess have been dramatically cut and those that do still have programs are greatly lacking in the amount of physical activity that they make kids do. Exercise and fitness should be a MAJOR part of the curriculum for every student. Habits learned today are the habits that they will continue in the future. It is our job to make sure that each generation beyond us improves, isn’t it? Encourage someone to exercise today!

Michael Vacon, PT
Avid Exerciser