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The old school of thought says you should "take it easy" and "lay off" your everyday activities when you experience back, shoulder, knee, and other joint pain. But at Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation we've inspired thousands of patients to change their way of thinking and change their lives in the process.

  • Change to a more modern, active approach that combines the latest physical therapy clinical research with "tried and true" methods.
  • Change focus from your symptoms to the cause.
  • Change your role from patient to PT, by drawing knowledge from your physical therapist every visit.

Our team of expert physical therapists uses a modern, active approach that is designed to address the cause of your pain and not just the symptoms. Instead of quick fixes, we focus on long-term solutions. Instead of telling you to throttle back, we encourage you to keep moving. From your first comprehensive evaluation to your last visit, our goal is to motivate you, educate you, and make sure pain never gets in your way again. That's true physical therapy!

Patient Testimonials
  • Laura H.
    1 year ago
    I went here for therapy for my hands and I have only thing to say the people there are so very kind And when or if I needed any therapy I will be going back to blue hills , not only because the people are so kind, it's because I know that everyone knows how to treat your pain, and please let me say thank you For being so great at what you do and working to make each person feel better .All my best to all of you Thank You
  • Susan V.
    2 years ago
    Blue Hills Sports & Spine is the best place I have ever been for PT! If I ever need treatment again, I will only use Blue Hills. Excellent team, excellent care, great facilities.
  • Maria M.
    3 years ago
    I have personally been a patient at Blue Hills for ankle problems and they are wonderful! Caring, knowledgeable, professional, accomodating. In addition I work with spine specialists and we always recommend Blue Hills for our patients for the same reasons. They get good results!
  • Ken N.
    3 years ago
    I was lucky enough to walk by bluehillspt on way home from work... I had experienced lower back for many years post a bike riding injury. Tried acupuncture and PT with minimal results. I saw Eric .. he said your medicine is to excercise ... I've been following his back exercises for about a year, and after many years of not being able to enjoy my favorite sport cycling, I am back on my bike! I am 62 .. and just completed a 25 mile bike challenge. I never thought I'd be able to ride again... thank you Eric and all the PTs at Blue Hills Sports & Spine.
  • Cheryl B.
    3 years ago
    Michael and the team at Blue Hills Sports and Spine were exactly what I needed. I am an athletic-type who was sidelined (and frustrated) by a painful injury. I appreciated that they listened to and understood my individual concerns and addressed them throughout the process. They spoke to me at my level of knowledge and kept my personal goals in mind. They pushed me to improve and motivated me. I also appreciated the energy and camaraderie among the team. You spend a good bit of time with a PT (often much more than your physician) and you work hard together so it is great to have such a fun and positive atmosphere. Highly recommend, including for athletes looking for a staff that understands your active lifestyle goals.
  • Wendy G.
    3 years ago
    Michael Vacon has been my physical therapist at BHS&S following two shoulder surgeries, and in between surgeries. I traveled all the way from Watertown to Braintree for my appts.-- that's how good he is! He is very knowledgeable and adapted or invented various exercises to help specifically with swimming, my sport of choice. He listened well about my needs as a swimmer, and gave good general advice on avoiding injuries and working out. The Braintree facility is big and full of great equipment. The staff is friendly, lots of joke-cracking and a light atmosphere-- though the patients work hard!
  • Lisa F.
    3 years ago
    I can't say enough good things about the team at Blue Hills - specifically Dave & Kaitlin. I started PT after aggravating a chronic ankle injury. What stands out for me is that not only did we work together to rehab my ankle, but throughout the process they explained the mechanics of my ankle and why things like flexibility and balance are important. Previous PT stints did the work but without the education. I feel much more knowledgeable about how to hopefully prevent re-injury in the future. Thanks Dave & Kaitlin!
  • Lynnette K.
    3 years ago
    The staff here is excellent. Over my 2-month stint here, I felt welcome and the staff was casual and friendly. I really appreciate all of their knowledge as it pertained to my condition at the time. They were informative and gave lots of important feedback on the spot. I learned a great deal while I was getting better. Thanks BHS&S!
  • B B.
    3 years ago
    If you are anywhere within driving distance and in need of PT, you should definitely give Blue Hills Sports & Spine a try. I was treated by both Christine and Michael, as well as both aides (Ryan and Brittney) over the course of the past few months for achilles tendinitis, and so I can say with confidence that every person working here is friendly, professional, and eager to help you understand your treatment plan. Although they're usually fairly busy with clients of all ages (I usually came around 4 or 5 in the afternoon) I was always seen on time and given one-on-one attention throughout my entire session. Booking appointments is easy (as long as you do it 1-2 weeks in advance because they do fill up), and the facilities are clean and bright. Also, they took care of extending my number of sessions with my insurance company when my initial number ran out, so that I didn't have to worry about it. People in need of PT are obviously usually in varying degrees of pain, and so I think it's really telling that I would regularly exchange laughter or a friendly smile with other clients in the common area during my sessions because of the positive, welcoming, and energetic environment that the staff at Blue Hills has cultivated. I highly recommend them, and I wouldn't hesitate to call them should I require physical therapy again
  • Google 5 Star Review ..
    3 years ago
    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Excellent routine greatly helped my back, and was something I could continue at home after 3 months of P.T.
  • Google 5 Star Review ..
    3 years ago
    Great people & facilities. They work you very hard to ensure you are fully recuperated & can get back to doing the things that you want to do
  • Google 5 Star Review ..
    3 years ago
    Three years ago my back was hurting and my heart was despondent. There were a lot of things I wanted to do but could not. I had been to physical therapists and chiropractors for too many years and received lots of heat, massages, and stimulation. Nothing worked. I finally told a back specialist at MGH that I wanted to see “The Man,” a physical therapist who would aggressively help me strengthen my back and help me regain flexibility. He sent me to Blue Hills Sports and Spine and upon my first visit my back was feeling better and I my heart was full of hope. Within several weeks I was pain free and resumed normal activities and have ever since. I owe it all to Blue Hills Sports and Spine.
  • Google 5 Star Review ..
    3 years ago
    Blue Hills Sports and Spine has really helped me this year. I fell on ice, didn't see a doctor as soon as I should have and ended up with frozen shoulder. I've only been going to physical therapy for a few weeks but have already made a lot of progress. Michael really knows what he's doing and he has a great sense of humor as well. The fact that he has multiple locations has also been very convenient for me. I would recommend BHSS to anyone who has had an injury.
  • Vladimir Z.
    3 years ago
    In the Fall of 2012, I began to experience pain in the area of Achilles heels. By December of 2012, I had a hard time to walk more than 100 ft without stopping to stretch the back of my legs. The first Sports Medicine doctor, who evaluated my condition, diagnosed it as tendinosis (not tendinitis!). I was told that there were only two options available to me: (1) surgery and (2) platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. Both options were invasive and, statistically, seemed to have had a limited success. Then, I learned about non-invasive Graston technique and discovered that Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation in Braintree had an experienced practitioner of this treatment modality. After a few sessions with David Mansfield in late Spring and early Summer of 2013, the right Achilles heel had completely recovered, while the left one had vastly improved so that I was then able to walk long distances without any problem for the next nine months. Recently, I went back for "maintenance treatment", albeit I can still walk relatively long distances, with an occasional minor discomfort. Thank you, David.
  • Richard S.
    3 years ago
    The team at Blue Hills really helped me with a shoulder injury. I had been to another PT company but didn't get any better. I saw a new doctor who highly recommended Blue Hills and now I know why. I won't go anyplace else for my PT again!
  • Tom B.
    3 years ago
    Blue Hills Sports & Spine was a godsend for me. I lived with chronic back problems for 25 years and now I’m doing things I thought I’d never be able to do again. Great program, great team of people, great results...I can’t say enough positive things about Blue Hills Sports & Spine.
  • Tim F.
    3 years ago
    Blue Hills Sports & Spine individual attention to detail, use of technology and staff’s expertise enabled me to exit my ACL/MCL rehab ahead of schedule and educated me on new training and strengthening programs that I can use in the future to become a better competitor in the world of multi-sport."
  • Mark W.
    3 years ago
    I had serious back issues that I thought were going to be with me forever. I was wrong. Blue Hills gave me my life back.
  • Cheryl E.
    3 years ago
    Michael and the team were exactly what I needed. I was sidelined by a painful injury. They listened to my individual concerns and addressed them, kept my personal goals in mind and motivated me along the way. It was great to have such a fun and positive atmosphere.
  • Gail T.
    3 years ago
    Blue Hills Sports & Spine provided exceptional care. I appreciated the explanations that were knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, and humorous for my many queries. The state of art equipment and pleasant setting provided a secure environment. I wish Blue Hills had a facility on the Vineyard.
  • Jean M.
    3 years ago
    Knee & hip replacements and shoulder surgeries have led to multiple visits to Blue Hills Sports & Spine. The ‘patient comes first’ attitude is evident in the treatment but the atmosphere, professionalism and upbeat environment makes it stand apart. I always recommend Blue Hills!
  • Lou L.
    3 years ago
    I have been very active for over 50 years. I had learned to live with the pain and tightness. Blue Hills first eliminated the pain and discomfort and educated me how to prevent injuries going forward. The education was invaluable.
  • Tracy M.
    3 years ago
    I looked forward to my PT appointments. I don't want another injury, if I have one I would absolutely use your facility again. Professional, knowledgeable, caring are just a few words I can think of that would describe your staff.
  • Ken L.
    3 years ago
    My specialist from MGH suggested Blue Hills for treatment of my back pain and I am forever grateful. I got the active treatment I needed in a friendly and upbeat environment. I knew that I was on the way to a lifetime of being vigorous and pain free.

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